FM 102/1 SUMMERFEST SUMMER CAMP presented by Miller Lite, Vizzy Hard Seltzer and Terrapin Beer Company at The Cooperage will be a blast — with sing-a-longs from some of our favorite artists playing the Big Gig this year. 

We’re very excited to have you join us, we would like to know what days you are planning on being there so we have a grasp on who/what to expect with daily attendance. It’s not a problem if you cannot come to one, two or most of the events, we would just like an approximate count. If you opt out to a specific day, that will open up an opportunity for one of your fellow Campers to attend. 

We will have great performances, cold beer and seltzer and free Pizza Shuttle Pizza while we’re there. 

Thanks for listening to FM 102/1 and loving live music like we do!