Looking for a cool store to pick up a couple nifty items for Christmas or a haircut? Beard MKE is not the typical local small business, with products and services ranging from grooming/apothecary, barware, local art, apparel, accessories, jewelry and many other gifts. Geoff, the HBIC (Head Beard In Charge) at Beard MKE, spoke on the type of business they strive to create – fun, genuine, and an unforgettable shopping experience for anyone who walks in the door. 


Can you tell me about Beard? It’s both a barber shop and retail store, how’d that idea come about?


We are not your typical local small business however, with that sort of “retail veneer” – we want to get to know our customers to make them feel that they are a part of the shop – because let’s be real – they are the most important part! 


Beard MKE is a retail shop with grooming services. I’ve had the desire to open my own business for many years as the corporate world is not for me. I felt that there was a need for a shop that caters to men and doesn’t take itself too seriously. I also felt that by adding the grooming services we would only further separate ourselves from other businesses making us even more unique!


Do you offer full barber services? What are the rates?
We do offer full barber services here with the exception of anything involving chemicals meaning we don’t dye hair or beards here. Our rates are as follows:
-$15 Beard Trim
-$30 Dry Men’s Haircut
-$40 Men’s Haircut plus shampoo & style
-$50 Beard Trim + Haircut/shampoo/style


What types of items do you sell? What makes your products different? 

We sell all sorts of things here at Beard MKE. Our main departments are grooming/apothecary, barware, local art, apparel, accessories, jewelry and many other solid gift ideas. Our products are largely unique to our space & won’t typically be found at other local shops. We love to ride the edge of humor & inappropriateness so much of what you will find at Beard MKE will make you blush or laugh out loud – or both! We were not made to be subtle y’all! 



Do you design many of the items or do you sell other brands?

To be honest, I don’t really have the free time to be creating at this point, however I do work with many other artists to fill up the shop with their creations! That being said, I have begun designing my own t-shirts for the shop, three of which you will find on the shelves now! Stay tuned for Basic B Tees coming in 2020! 


What are people who come in there typically looking for? 

Freshfin Poke…. lmao – in all seriousness, many people are still stopping in for their very first time so they don’t exactly know what we do! You better trust and believe that they do when they leave however! I feel that we are becoming known as a place which carries more funny in your face items, along with quality mens focused products.



What’s the hottest selling item?

Our hottest selling items are our beard conditioner, our ties, the local wall art and we have a fee styles of funny rocks glasses that have been a hit.


Are there special items for the Christmas season available?

Yes there are. We have a variety of cocktail kits, beer bread kits, ‘Reinbeers,’ Holiday grooming kits & naughty ornaments just to name a few!


What’s your favorite item in the store?

My personal favorite things in the shop would be the jewelry we carry and our greeting cards to be honest. They are SO effing funny! 


Beard MKE is located at 1812 E North Ave. Open Tuesdays – Saturdays 10am-7pm & Sundays 11-5pm. Grooming available Tuesdays & Thursdays 1-7pm. To book an appointment click on the link posted on their IG or FB pages! 


IG: @beardmke FB: Beard MKE



— Nadia Hazimeh