• My name is Geoff Hoen & I am the HBIC (Head Beard In Charge) or owner here at Beard MKE! (1812 E North Ave)

• Contact info/social media/website for the shop is as follows: contact us via email at [email protected]. Beard MKE is on Facebook and Instagram, our website is

• Beard MKE is a fun & irreverent retail/gift shop that also includes grooming services by our barber on staff, Marissa.



• We celebrated our 1 year anniversary on March 15th – just a day or so before closing our doors due to the covid outbreak! In that first year however we won Best New Retail Store & Best Men’s Clothing thru the Best of MKE Awards & we are excited to keep growing!

• I decided to create Beard MKE for a few reasons. First of all I felt that Beard MKE would fill a void in Milwaukee- there are very few shops in MKE that cater directly towards men, and even fewer if any that cater directly to the LGBTQ+ community- we are THAT store for MKE. I also knew that the corporate world was NOT an environment that I wanted to be a part of- businesses that value profits over people are simply not for me! Finally & most importantly, I created Beard MKE in honor of my late father who passed away suddenly in a car accident five years ago- he was a small business owner himself, & saw the value in investing in oneself as well as other people & proudly marched to the beat of his own drum- I have kept these sentiments close to my heart throughout the entirety of creating & curating my shop.



• Beard MKE is unique for a variety of reasons. Many of our apparel items can only be found here as we are designing our own tees in house & working with a local printer to have them created- all in efforts to remain unique! We are also THE shop to seek out if you are looking for gift ideas that are as funny as they may be inappropriate- basically we love to carry the products that other shops may be too timid to get behind – THAT is our lane! We are LGBTQ+ owned & operated & STAN the LGBTQ+ community along with all other marginalized communities. We are all about the full retail experience here & love getting to know our customers on a more personal level. We dont do the whole ‘retail filter’ thing here- our goal is to be genuine, approachable, educational & fun! To really be in the know you NEED to come see us in person.