Where will your hero be at 3pm this Saturday?!


FM 102/1 and UW Credit Union want you to JUMP AROUND with us every Saturday afternoon at 3pm!

Celebrate your local hero (health care worker, first responders, grocery store worker, truck driver, pharmacy worker, delivery driver, restaurant worker).

Each week, we’ll pick a deserving person and bring the JUMP AROUND PARTY to them! We’ll show up with the FM 102/1 vehicle in front of their home or place of work to Jump Around and show our appreciation!

We’ll leave some FM 102/1 goodies, and a survival kit from COSTCO Menomonee Falls that includes TP, paper towels, tuna, water and more.

Let’s stay positive together, even if we’re apart! Head to fm1021milwaukee.com to nominate your local hero, and then tune in this Saturday at 3p to Jump Around with FM102/1.


Nominate your hero below: