Ian McCain and Althea Legaspi were live in Reykjavik for the Iceland Airwaves Music Festival


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Meanwhile, backstage at Of Monsters And Men for their first hometown show (in Reykjavik) since 2016.  All of the their cousins and grade three teachers wanted tickets to this one. 


Ian McCain\’s broadcasting skills on display as he and Milwaukee\’s Brett Newski co-host FM 102/1 Neighborhood Watch.


Milwaukee\’s Brett Newski tunes up before his Iceland Airwaves set. Photo by Ian McCain.


DayQuil is illegal in Iceland, so here\’s Ian passing some contraband to Seabear\’s Doni.


Some (very windy) downtime at the Blue Lagoon Iceland. Air temp is around 37° F but the water is warmer than the shower you take on a Sunday morning. 


Hjaltalín\’s Sigurður Guðmundsson\’s voice is amazing and the hat isn\’t bad either. 



Out in the middle of a secret remote location, we got to eat some of the best food from Iceland\’s best chef\’s, share in cheers-ing to the festival and catch some great music from Iceland. Here, chef prepares two different styles of Icelandic lamb, rustic vegetables and some of the best cod you (and I) will ever have. 


Sólveig Matthildur Kristjánsdóttir of Kaelan Mikla. Photo by Ian McCain.


Plan your trip to Iceland for all the things like this — then stay for the people and all the fun. FYI, if you\’re planning a trip to Europe, you can fly Icelandair and stay (up to 7 days) in Reykjavik and Iceland at no extra \”second flight\” or \”layover charge.\” So, if you plan out an extra couple of days, you can have two vacation experiences for the price of one. 


Siggi Baldursson of The Sugarcubes and Record In Iceland. Photo by Ian McCain.


Some of the landscape from 65 kph.


The time difference from Milwaukee to Reykjavik has Ian McCain all tuckered out. The Icelandic Grísalappalísa made for nice bedding.


The remote location performance space was pretty fantastic. 


JFDR. Photo by Johanna Persson.


I can\’t tell you where this is at because there is no lifegaurd on duty.  This is an abandoned pool built by dam workers in the 1970s and maintained up until around the 1990s-early 2000s.  Again, the water was warm and the beer was cold. 


The Icelandic national football (soccer) team were the darlings of Euro 2016 — beating hefty England in the knock-out round of 16.  Here\’s the stadium, which sits right outside of the arena where Of Monsters And Men headlined the festival. 


Bonfire back at the remote secret location — very Game of Thrones or Braveheart in the most Icelandic way possible.