For the first time in 24 years, The Dropkick Murphys did not perform on St. Patrick’s Day weekend due to the COVID-19 situation. Although, they weren’t going to let that stop them completely since they streamed their performance for free. Following in the DKM footsteps, a couple music festivals are coming to a laptop near you! It’ll be a great way to social distance yourself from your roommates or family, and lay up on the couch with an ice cold corona.


Doomed Fest 3/28-3/29

What was just an idea shared on Twitter twelve days ago by seasoned music industry professionals, Paige Williams and Rebecca Potzner, Doomed Fest may be the cure you’ve been looking for. “I think I can speak for both of us in saying music is what gets us out of bed in the morning” said Paige. “Seeing the whole industry essentially shut down at once was shocking, and we both felt we needed to do something to help in such a weird time.” Looking to help create income for artists and their teams, and allow them to garner excitement to share with their fans, Doomed Fest aims to “bring as much to the table as [it] can on both of those fronts.”


After only 10 days of planning, Paige and Rebecca have 40 different acts from the touring industry who have been impacted by the COVID-19 situation. Over the course of Saturday and Sunday, the website will show pre-recorded sets ranging from stripped acoustics to full on productions. Other entertainment options include photographer showcases and live interviews with some of the artists. 


The cost for this jaw dropping, virtual experience is only $10 over Saturday 3/28 & Sunday 3/29, with the option to donate more if you’d like. All of the proceeds go directly towards the artists & their crews. Go to for the livestream. 


Can I get an idea of who you are/what you do.

We are Paige Williams & Rebecca Potzner. We both work in the music industry in different capacities, myself (Paige) in artist management & marketing, and Rebecca in show promotion & publicity. Along with working in this industry, I think I can speak for both of us in saying music is what gets us out of bed in the morning. We’re always at shows or festivals, and always sharing new music even if it’s not something we’re working on career-wise. So seeing the whole industry essentially shut down at once was shocking, and we both felt we needed to do something to help in such a weird time.


What is your role in Doomed Fest?

We both came up with similar ideas separately. I ended up tweeting about wanting to hold an online festival and Rebecca messaged me to say she’d just been thinking about the same thing… so I slid through her DMs and asked if she wanted to make it a reality. Ten days later, here we are! We’ve both shared all of the responsibilities equally, booking bands, putting together posters, and troubleshooting site after site trying to learn how to best run a virtual festival.


I understand that this is in the works, but can you explain the plan is.

What we’ve found in the last week is that along with artists losing their income, they’ve also lost a lot of their purpose. They don’t have shows to promote, or anything coming up they can be excited about with their fans. Doomed Fest is aiming to bring as much to the table as we can on both of those fronts. Being able to supplement lost income is our main goal, but giving artists a way to still perform for & connect with their fans, and have something to promote/look forward to has become a prominent benefit as well.


What kind of artists/bands are you looking to work with? – Genre, local/nationwide, full band or solo acts or both, how many are you shooting for?

We’ve been seeking to work with anyone in the touring industry whose income was affected by the COVID-19 situation. Currently our lineup is at around 40 different acts for this weekend!


How will you go about showing the streamed concert? Live streaming/pre-recorded?

It’s all pre-recorded videos being live-streamed. Bands have been ranging from putting together really stripped down acoustic performances to full productions that feel like music videos. It’s been incredible to see how fast they could put these sets together!


How do you anticipate charging tickets for the performances? What would the fee be?

Yes, we’re charging $10 per ticket this weekend to see 40+ artists over Saturday & Sunday, with the option to donate more if you’d like to. All of the proceeds go directly towards the artists & their crews.


Are you going to charge people to view the photographer showcases and live interviews? Price?

It’s all included within the ticket price for the show!


How can you offer an extra VIP experience online? What would that look like compared to a regular site visitor?

We were looking into using an app that would allow artists to hold virtual meet & greets (and the video would be sent to the fan afterwards) but on such a short time schedule, we ended up removing that part of the event. Just getting the shows up and running while both of us are still working has been a lot to do in just a week.


When do you anticipate the completed launch?

We held a preview show over the weekend so we could test things out and give everyone an idea of what the big show would be like, and it went really well! Our lineup announcement is coming later today, with the full fest this weekend.


Do you have the first lineup set?

We do! The lineup spans a ton of genres, and we’re so lucky to have this many artists involved. Some of the sets they’ve submitted have made my jaw drop, and a few definitely brought me to tears as well. It’ll be announced tonight.