Brady Jager

Twenty One Pilots dynamically wrapped up their 10-year storyline arc with Clancy. The TØP lore began with Blurryface and has spanned through all of the albums since, including Trench and Scaled And Icy. 

As a superfan during Vessel and Blurryface, it was refreshing to hear Twenty One Pilots stay committed to their signature styles while continuing to innovate their sound. Clancy has clear highs and lows that lend nicely to the story-like cadence. 

In true Twenty One Pilots fashion, their most recent single “The Craving” is a beautiful lovelorn ukelele serenade as tracks like “Vignette” and “Navigating” lend perfectly for a head-banging festival setting. Even songs that are not as sonically invigorating like “Snap Back” are redeeming through intricate lyricism. 

The 6-minute-and-28-second-long “Paladian Strait” is a perfect final flourish to the album tetralogy. There are small nuances to the band’s longlived career, like the drum pattern of the “Trees” crowd surf about three minutes in and a spoken word portion with Blurryface. 

Overall, Clancy is inventive and bends genre effectively. Bradio Radio gives Clancy 4-and-a-bite/5 curds. Listen to the album below: