Brady Jager

The Marías are back to take you on a sultry underwater party with their sophomore album Submarine. A perfect soundtrack for pool days, Submarine’s mellow dance beats are certain to add some ~chill vibes~ to your summer playlist. 

Lo-fi ripples are paired with Latin influence and jazz rhythms as lead singer María Zardoya melodically moves from English to Spanish on the 45-minute dream-pop journey. 

Submarine matches the album cover beautifully as it is aquatic with production mimicking bubbles, splashes, and other water-like features. The opening track “Ride” uses vocoder vocals and misty synths. Instrumentals are muffled in tracks like the closer “Sienna,” to continue with this oceanic motif. 

The single “Run Your Mouth” continues to be the highlight of the album— alt-pop perfection that transports you to the prime of indie sleaze with a modern flare. Submarine is exciting and fresh with all of the best elements of a past era in the cultural zeitgeist. The Marías get 4-and-a-bite/5 curds from Bradio Radio this New Music Friday.