Brady Jager

Billie Eilish explores themes of sexual discovery, body dysmorphia, the struggles of fame, and more on the deeply personal HIT ME HARD AND SOFT

Eilish narrates introspective anecdotes with her signature, whisper-like falsetto on tracks such as “SKINNY” and “BITTERSUITE,” and utilizes facets of her unique vocal range, like her powerful belt on “THE GREATEST” and a jazz-style expression on “L’AMOUR DE MA VIE.” 

Every time you try to anticipate Eilish’s direction, you get catapulted to a completely different space. The album is sonically diverse; a breath of fresh air in an age where artists are sounding the same from track to track. However, most songs on HIT ME HARD AND SOFT take a quiet-loud-quiet approach, building to a powerful crescendo, before stripping back— creating cohesion to the body of work. 

“LUNCH,” the lead single, is a same-sex lust dance banger on top of a groovy ‘80s bassline. Eilish opened up about being queer a year ago and is not afraid to claim her identity. The song is steamy, spicy, and sexy in all the best ways. And who doesn’t love a Tame Impala-like breakdown at the end? 

Fans were fed with this funky, synth-heavy project (i.e. “CHIHIRO,” “THE DINER,” “L’AMOUR DE MA VIE”). Longtime Billie supporters were gifted with “BLUE,” which Eilish teased under the alias “true blue” in 2016. 

The world is left with a mystery easter egg phone number that Eilish whispers at the end of “THE DINER.” Curious about what happens when you call it? Try for yourself: 310-807-3956.

Bradio Radio gives Billie Eilish’s HIT ME HARD AND SOFT 5/5 curds. Check the album out below: