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DIY singer-songwriter KennyHoopla took his wavy genre-agnostic indie sound from motel room recordings to packed out shows in 2019 with breakout single “Lost Cause//“ and go for it all-ornothing mentality.

The Cleveland-born, Wisconsin-based performer, Kenneth La’ron aka KennyHoopla (inspired by a scene in Spongebob no less), started making music just three years ago in a rare collision of artistic synergy.

“I used to breakdance, I used to paint, I used to do photography. I thought if I could conquer every art medium, I’d get closer to it,” says Kenny. “Something in me kept telling me it was time to make music.”

With no resources or equipment, Kenny linked up with a group of artists he met via Soundcloud. After withdrawing his college applications, he moved into their communal crash pad and set his sights on finding a way to make music. An opportunity presented itself in the unlikely setting of a friend’s motel room. With a cheap mic and a track at his disposal, he took his shot. He laid down
lyrics and melody with no inhibition, just raw instinctual approach.

“I never had the tools to make music before, but I knew I understood it. When I was a kid I would check out CDs from the library on field trips and just listen. I’ve always known it in my head,” says Kenny. “I didn’t know how to play, but I knew how to go about things sonically. On that first song, I can’t explain it. I just asked if I could go in and do what I wanted to do on the track.”

The immediate response was clear, Kenny had ‘it.’ Shortly thereafter, friend and “big brother” figure Yoshi asked Kenny to fly out to LA to collaborate. Having to sneak Kenny into the studio, the pair wrote and recorded “Lost Cause//” with producer Danny Parra. “I was living in a basement at the time, completely broke,” says Kenny. “I made a video and dropped it myself.” The song quickly caught the attention of fans and industry alike.

As with “Lost Cause//,” Kenny he adds “//” to the end of every track title throughout his intimate catalog. “It’s always been my personal exclamation mark on things, I’ve been doing that since elementary school,” says Kenny. “I think of it as moving forward.”
Moving forward – Kenny’s modem operandi. His manifestation. Three years ago, Kenny had never recorded a song. He’s now wowing crowds with contagious, lay-it-all-on-the-stage energy.

He’s now finishing his debut EP and setting his sights higher with every step. “To push anything forward you need the right energy around you. You need some other spiritual thing to push it forward,” says Kenny. “I want to be on the cover of Monster Children Magazine. I want to perform at Coachella. And I want to be one of the most important artists of my generation, in the corniest way.”
Scaling upwards Kenny is well on his way.

“I’m gonna do me, be myself, and do what I think is right until wrong hits me in the face,” says Kenny. “I want to get my point across, that’s my biggest goal. I want to feel that what is in my head is validated. I want to bring something new. I want to connect.”