Milwaukee, it might be a little cold still in Milwaukee, but never fear spring and summer are going to be here very soon. With spring and summer comes a lot of friends and families coming to our great city. Let’s say you’re new to Milwaukee or want to take your guests somewhere off of the beaten path (and some that aren’t). Here are twelve places around Milwaukee you can take said guests:


Tochi (2107 E. Capitol Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53211) – This restaurant has a cool vibe that serves a new spin on Ramen.


Café Corazon (3129 N. Bremen St., Milwaukee, WI 53212) – Don’t be turned off by the wait. There is going to be a wait. This Mexican food is worth it though.


Café Lulu (2265 S. Howell Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207) – You can get a little bit of everything at Café Lulu. However, whatever you do, I strongly recommend getting the Asian slaw as your side.


Apollo Café (1310 E. Brady Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202) – It is located right in the middle of one of the east sides busiest streets, Brady Street. They have everything from Gyros and Burgers to stuffed Grape Leaves. This is good if you are short on time or don’t want a huge bill.



Riviera Maya (2258 S. Kinnickinnic Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207) – This Mexican restaurant located in Bay View has the traditional fair. However, if you want something a little more unfamiliar I recommend trying one of their Tortas. They are packed with flavor, and you get Tortilla Soup with it.


Comet Café (1947 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202) – In terms of places to eat this might be one of Milwaukee’s best known


Buck Bradley (1019 N. Old World 3rd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53203) – I usually go here before concerts at Turner Hall. If you are looking for good food, great beer.


Koppa’s Deli (1940 N. Farwell Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53202) – This place is great for lunch! There are no tables or really places to sit, but if you want to pick up a unique but tasty sandwich this is a place to do it!


Juniper 61 (6030 W. North Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53213) – The great thing about Juniper 61 is that you can get sandwiches, large entrees to eat for yourself, but you can also get flatbreads and small plates if you are in the mood to share.


Storyhill BKC (5100 W. Bluemound Road, Milwaukee, WI 53208) – This place is located right in Storyhill, which for those out of town is right by Miller Park. The menu is meant to share, and the staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful in both food and drink selections.


SakeTumi (714 N. Milwaukee Street, Milwaukee, WI 53202) – If Japanese and Korean food is what you are looking for, you have to try this place. Prices are fair, the staff is great and the food will keep you coming back with fresh takes on things.

Odd Duck (2352 S. Kinnick Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53207) – Whether you are a vegetarian, or love meat Odd Duck has it all. When you go make sure you check out some of their cheese selection. It is top notch!


– Mark Milaeger