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Cold War Kids : Pabst Theatre - Feb 1

Sebastian Maniscalco : Turner Hall Ballroom - Feb 6

Bush : The Rave - Feb 11

Cherub : Pabst Theater - Feb 13

Sleater Kinney : Riverside Theater - Feb 15

Hozier : Riverside Theater - Feb 21

Kongos : The Rave - Mar 1

Bo Burnham : Pabst Theater - Mar 11

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It Could Be Worse: 7 Halftime Shows That Are Worse Than Katy Perry
Updated: Jan 30, 2015 -- 11:19am

Don’t freak out, but Katy Perry is performing at Half Time of The Super Bowl! Oh, Katy Perry isn’t macho enough for you? Well you better sit down for this one... Lenny Kravitz is going to join her on stage too! Yes, American Woman, Lenny Kravitz!  If nothing else the stage is going to be full of beautiful women in tight clothing. (Editors note: I’m banking on a furry in a jersey).

Just cool it. Here are 7 half time shows that would be worse:

7) Any Warped Tour Bands.. literally any of them.
This could be a huge money saver for the NFL. Considering most “emo” and “hardcore” bands look the same anyway you could probably just get some kids hanging out in a parking lot around the stadium, give them guitars and drums and not one could tell the difference. It would work. People would hate it but it would work.

6) Insane Clown Posse
With all of the scandals and controversies going on in the NFL this season at least they didn’t hire a band to offend, literally, everyone else. Plus, I hear the reason they didn’t book ICP is because Insane Clown Posse wanted the players to become Juggalos for a day. Oh and they are disgusting people.

5) Nickelback
They're from Canada. A Canadian football field is 25% bigger than an American football field. Do we really need 25% more Nickelback? No. 

4) Phish
Thirty minutes barely lets them finish a song. Plus to most people it would sound like this:

3) The Exes of Taylor Swift (Non Musical)
If we let the musical exes we’d get performances from One Direction, John Mayer, and The Jonas Brothers that would be at least a little watchable. Going the nonmusical route you just have to watch actors talking sh** onstage. Actually, let’s do both.

2) Dane Cook Gets To Run Around The Field With A Microphone and Spotlight.
Remember Dane Cook? He was a comedian? He was edgy, then lost the edge, became brooding, and now is just laying low doing standup? Give him thirty minutes, a microphone, and a spotlight. #hilarious #someoneisgettingfiredforthis

This happened in the 80’s. 

How is Katy Perry looking now? That’s what I thought.

- Mark Mileager

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Neighborhood Watch: I’m Not A Pilot
Updated: Jan 27, 2015 -- 10:58pm
There are bands in Milwaukee that seem to keep the club scene alive. You know the venues, Cactus Club, Club Garibaldi, and Linneman’s and several others. These are great venues that house great bands like Ladders, Midwest Death Rattle, and Sat. Night Duets any night of the week. It’s venues and bands like these that keep the scene thriving and insure that live music will survive in Milwaukee for decades to come.
Then there are bands like I’m Not A Pilot. This Milwaukee quartet merges a piano rock style with sounds that are not commonly associated with rock and roll, like the Cello. I’m Not A Pilot is Mark Glatzel (keys and vocals), Steve Vorass Jr. (beats and loops), Peter Thomas (cello and vocals), and Adrian Esguerra (voice and bass). Since their beginning the band released two albums Need Money For Rocket Fuel and The Story So Far. Originals like “Bottle Rocket”, “No Order” and “I Need You” anchor the two releases, while covers such as Creep by Radiohead and Where Is My Mind by The Pixies pay tribute to the greats. 
As well as the club scene, I’m Not A Pilot decided to tackle a new venue in the past years. The band has been adding performing arts centers and theaters around Milwaukee to their tour itinerary. In addition, they have been inviting youth symphony orchestras to play with them at certain dates. In their most recent recording, “I’m Not A Pilot Live With The Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra”, they gave a spotlight to an organization who might not get this opportunity. This release sees the band reworking a majority of their catalogue to incorporate the symphony sound and it comes together really well. You can pick up both the studio recordings and the live album at the bands website. 
Also, according to their Facebook page, In a short time the band will be announcing a spring tour. In the mean time, It was announced I’m Not A Pilot will headline the Friday night of Arta Para Todos, a weekend of local music with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit art programs in Milwaukee public schools. They will be playing Friday February 27th at Franks Power Plant with The Thriftones and Nightgown. For information on this show, and the entire weekend go to http://arteparatodos.me/.
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