Get More Customers

FM 102/1 is proud to be Milwaukee's true station specializing in marketing to persons 18-49 years of age. Our listeners are young, active, educated, affluent, and HARD TO REACH! If you are a business owner in the Milwaukee market, you are faced with the difficult task of how to effectively market to people under 50 years of age. There are few choices. People under 50 represent GROWTH for your business. These people are moving targets, who depend on electronic media as their entertainment/information source (radio/internet)! To reach these moving targets, we offer advertisers a number of resources including the following:

  • Traditional commercial messages
  • Event marketing
  • Program sponsorships
  • Sampling
  • Web-based direct marketing
  • Customized promotions
  • DJ endorsements

FM 102/1 has helped hundreds of local businesses. To hear what our clients think about us, click here.

We would love to opportunity to discuss your business challenges and how we can help. To set up a consultation, simply send us an email request here. Or, call 414.771.1021, and ask for Director of Sales, Keith Bratel.