Ryan Miller

So here we are.

My name is Ryan Miller.  It’s my real name.  I don’t have a fake radio name.  I’m terrified that I might mix them up on the air.  “Hey, this is Ryan Miller….I mean….hey, this is Max Power.  I’m not Ryan Miller.  He’s a friend of mine.  I was just thinking of a joke he told the other day.”  There’s really no good way out of that.  So I’ve just been myself on FM 102/1 since 2002.

I’ve hosted the Indie Soundcheck show since 2006.  You should listen sometime.  You might find a new band that you really like.  It’s Sunday nights from 8-11pm.  Sometimes we do ticket giveaways.

What?  You want to know more about me?  You’re weird.  I’m not that interesting.    But I’ll indulge your curiosity.

Grew up in Bethesda, Maryland.  Came to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University, and since all my stuff was already here, I stayed here after graduation.

Most of my sports allegiances are from back out east.  Baltimore Orioles.  Washington Redskins.  Washington Captials.   You may or may not see me at Milwaukee Admirals hockey games.  But I’m there for a lot of them.  They are a lot of fun.

Did traffic reports for about 3 years.  Got to fly in the chopper.  Those were some good times.

I hugged Conan O’Brien once, per his request.  He told me that I was his soul mate.  That was a long time ago, though.  I’m more of a Craig Ferguson fan these days.

I like craft beer.  Favorites include:

Knot Stock from Furthermore Beer (Spring Green, WI)
Three Feet Deep from Furthermore Beer (Spring Green, WI)
Hazelnut Brown Nectar from Rogue Ales  (Newport, OR)
Imperial Crème Brulee Stout from Southern Tier (Lakewood, NY)
Mad Hatter IPA from New Holland Brewing Company (New Holland, MI)

Tough to label a concert as my ‘favorite of all time’….I’ve seen a lot of good shows.  But here are some shows that would be in the discussion:

Belle & Sebastian and the New Pornographers – Riverside Theater (2006)
David Byrne – First Avenue (2001)
Junior Senior and Electric Six – Cactus Club (2003)
Leonard Cohen – Chicago Theater (2009)
REM – Merriweather Post Pavilion  (1999)

So yeah.  Thanks for listening to Indie Soundcheck.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail!