Even though it would be really fun to tell you my first name is Katona... I won’t, because I’m not a dirt bike, or a knock-off of an expensive Japanese sword. I’m Kelly, a lifelong Wisconsinite, Whitewater Alum, Sims lovin’, corgi obsessed kinda girl.

I’ve been with FM/ 1021 for three years, and I’m super happy to be your night time bro-girl friend for all things random and weird. I am a complete pop/punk/indie nerd. I think everything Andrew McMahon has recorded was co-written by my spirit. Drive-Thru records never put out a band I didn’t love. I like to wear a bow in my hair. That seems to make it fair to assume I will get carded at every bar and every Mayfair Mall visit, ever. I will watch Boy Meets World, Friends, and Seinfeld until the earth implodes.

I’m very German. So German, my mom makes me fried sour kraut and noodles. I’m from the metropolis of Hubertus. Yes I had a cornfield in my back yard. And yes, my high school did have “Drive your tractor to school” Day. I’m in a constant quarter life crisis and I think I will continue to be well beyond my twenties. I broke my arm when I was 6 by tripping on a step in the parking lot of the Menomonee Falls Taco Bell. I haven’t been able to look at a soft shell taco the same way since. I love haunted houses, and Halloween, and scary movies, and making people who hate those things participate in them with me.

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