Wish there was a girl who sounded like she was twelve years old with inappropriate and zesty commentary? Don’t worry, I fill that void.

Hayyyy I’m Katona, or Kelly… Kelly Katona to be more specific. I recently graduated from the University of Wisconsin- Whitewater, where I indulged in a lot of bro- related activities with my bros. Now living the dream as a part time radio DJ, part time fondue waitress, part time Social Media/ PR Specialist, full time source for laughter (at my jokes/actions/own expense usually does just fine).

Some of my faviees:

Young the Giant
Mumford and Sons
The Lumineers
Jack’s Mannequin
Taking Back Sunday

My first concert besides N*SYNC:
Good Charlotte. Yup. Went with my dad. Got trampled (so hardcore). Dad punched guy who stepped on me in the face.

Drink of choice:
Long island or box wine. ‘Cause I don’t mess around, and I’m balling on a budget.

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