Jim Lynch

Hello. My name is Jim Lynch. I'm a smartass. If you are too, then we are going to get along just fine. I pretend like I know how radio works. In reality, I just talk a lot and love listening to music.

You can hear me on Sundays. I'll be that guy talking you through that horrible hangover, which may or may not, feel like a trillion bees with hammers swarming around your brain. Don't worry, we'll get through it together...because, hell...I'll probably be hungover too.

Let's cut to the chase...you're here...chances are, you like music.

Favorite Bands (More Like “Flavors of the Week”):
Queens of the Stone Age
Local H
Silversun Pickups
Manchester Orchestra
Arctic Monkeys

Not So Much:
Skrillex...just Skrillex...and anything from Canada.

Best Concert Ever:
Rage Against The Machine w/ Queens of the Stone Age – Alpine Valley – 8/24/07

Wisconsin Beers rule.
Wisconsin Cheeses rule.
Tacos rule.

Follow me on Twitter, @ShutUpJimLynch. I probably won't answer truthfully, but I'll humor you.

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