Hi. I'm Matthew Malone.

Much like a child beauty pageant star, I was raised on sugary soft drinks, gummi bears and a rabid thirst for attention.  I did not, however, look good dressed as a cowgirl.  So I made a decision to become freakishly tall and covered in tattoos instead.

Despite my very Irish-sounding name and living under the impression that I was significantly Irish, my parents decided to tell me otherwise when I was 24... after I got an Irish tattoo.  My life was basically a lie.  They also decided to tell me I was conceived on the 4th of July and now you share that burden with me.

Then my entire world changed via my older brother bringing home Nirvana's 'In Utero' and effectively ruined my life.  Instead of becoming something important like a doctor, politician or pizza-delivery driver, I decided I wanted to waste my life listening to awesome music and sharing it with other people.

I have an unbridled man-crush on Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme.  I would give up everything except my cat for the chance to have a give him a fist bump and enjoy a steak together.

Other interests include:
Ryan Gosling
Your Mother

If this sounds good to you, we should go on a date.  Much like the 4/10 that you thought was a 8/10 and brought home from the bar, you can wake up with me Sunday Mornings on FM 102/1.  It's pretty cool.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail!