Indie Soundcheck

Do you know the lyrics to all the songs you hear on the radio? Make the switch to FM 102/1's Indie Soundcheck and you're sure to hear a song you don't know, but won't ever forget.

Ryan Miller hosts Indie Soundcheck on Sunday nights from 8-11p. You'll hear everything from bands that are new to the scene all the way to indie classics! Indie Soundcheck is playing the songs that every other station in Milwaukee is afraid to play, just another reason why FM 102/1 sounds different.

Want to hear a song that we don't play on Indie Soundcheck? Send Ryan a message below, and you might just get your request granted. Or, just send a message about your undying love (or hatred) of Indie Soundcheck!

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Mike Wade - You buy your music from him at The Exclusive Company. Mike also stops by the station every now and then to talk music.