FM 102/1 is making up for the lousy tax return, the vet bill, you having to roll-start your car and the fact that you owe your step-dad Scott $20 for your mom’s Christmas present… by getting you out of town for a little R&R and… of course, MUSIC. 

Just fill out the form below to register, tell us when you’ll be (probably) listening, and then listen at 7AM, 11AM and 3PM. If we announce your name on the air, you’ll have ten minutes and 21 seconds to call us back and get qualified for the weekly trip.

This week, we’re flying you to Denver to catch the first gig of The Black Keys tour, plus you’ll meet the band. Oh, and we’re tossing in a pair of tickets to their show here in Milwaukee on October 4 at the Fiserv Forum.