On Friday, August 2, over 80 FM 102/1 listeners attended Bands On A Boat with Fitz and The Tantrums on board a private Edelweiss cruise.


Listeners showed up in the late afternoon for happy hour drinks at the Cantina on Old World 3rd Street and then walked down the gangplank and boarded The Harbor Lady. While the band completed their sound check in the main cabin, guests grabbed drinks at the upper deck’s bar, relaxed at the outdoor tables and enjoyed the weather as the boat sailed onto Lake Michigan.


Once the band was ready, FM102/1 guests filed into the main cabin where Fitz and the Tantrums performed hits like “Hand Clap,” “123456,” and their new release, “I Just Wanna Shine.” Between songs, the band chatted with guests and took questions (see below for the Q&A). Once the Q&A and short set wrapped up, the band signed autographs and took pictures with attendees.


There are more FM102/1 Bands on a Boat to be announced… stay tuned.

Q&A w/ Fitz and The Tantrums


Michelle (FM102/1): What are your feelings about food on-a-stick?


Noelle: I mean, I can get down with a corn dog. [Cheers from the crowd]


Fitz: Have you ever seen Noelle eat a corn dog? OMG.


Noelle: Also, I like those little cheese kind, cheese kind of dogs. But it doesn’t have the hot dog in it. It’s just the cheese and the fried dough.


Fitz: That’s called a cheese stick Noelle.


Noelle: No cause it’s on a stick. It’s not the same.


Fitz: (hand motions) Yes, cheese – stick. [Everyone is laughing]


Jeremy: The perfect pre-show meal.


Michelle: Noelle, how many tambourines do you bring to a show? Usually they get smashed to smithereens, and they’re just laying sadly on the stage, discarded, unloved.


Noelle: There’s often a box, but there’s always two on stage.


Michelle: (Talking about playing at The Rave for a bit, a very haunted venue) If you could be a ghost, and come back to haunt anybody, who would you come back to haunt?


John: Like good haunt or bad hunt?


Michelle: I don’t know. I think it could go either way. Are you like a fun poltergeist or are you like scary rawr!


Noelle: I’d be the one that left all the cabinets open just because.


Fitz: I do that anyway. Yeah, my wife says I do that. So, I’ll do that one.


Noelle: I think it’d be fun to haunt Jeremy though.


Jeremy: I’d be a good poltergeist.


Noelle: No you’d be –


Jeremy: Oh to haunt me.


Noelle: Yeah good to haunt.


Jeremy: Yeah I’d be scared.


Noelle: Just like weird stuff because he’s super OCD. Slimy stuff on the cabinets.


Michelle: Just pull a hair out of your head and put it on his bar of soap. Ya know just really get to him.


Jeremy: Noooooo!


Michelle: Oh wow. I’m sorry did I offend?


Everyone: That one definitely gets to him. That’s a good one. Nobody likes hair on their things.


Michelle: No, no, no. [laughter]


Michelle: Do you guys have a favorite Milwaukee memory from being here? Or does it all kind of blend into one, cheesy, delightful, nugget?


Fitz: I think the first time we ever did Summerfest, of course, was a big deal for us. We had barely done any big shows like that. So, for us to come here and play that was bananas. Because there were so many thousands of people there to see us, it was a special time for us. We’ve been to Summerfest five times. [Cheers] This year we said let’s mix it up, you know we’re going to do the state fair. [more cheers]


Michelle: You gotta make the rounds.


Michelle: Biggest sour puss in the band?


Noelle: [Without hesitation] Me. [everyone laughs]


Fitz: See she just jumped ahead of it before we can all throw her under the bus.


Noelle: I’m very technical, I’m always looking at the finite details of every situation.


Fitz: Don’t try to justify that.


Noelle: No serious. I’m just like that. I have a great time, but I’m very technical. [laughs]


Fitz: No, we’re just all slovenly she’s technical.


Michelle: The person who never shuts up is _____?


Fitz: Um, we have someone who does that with their phone. James our sax player, has freaking got a specific ringtone or little vocal sample from some random 90s TV show attached to each individual person in his life. And he never turns his phone on silent. So all day long on the bus you hear btuum, buzz, plooop, blip. And we look him and we’re like, yo dude there’s like 12 of us living on this bus. What if we all had it not on silent. We would drive you crazy man! And ten years later, guy has still not freaking gotten the message. I’m literally about to throw his phone out the window.


Michelle: Uh… I don’t have one, I always keep my phone on silent.


Fitz: Duh. Because that’s the thing we all do. Right? Because it’s called being polite.


Michelle: Yes, it is normal, common sense, politeness to just not have obnoxious ringtones. I 1000% agree with that.


Fitz: Everyone is like quickly putting theirs on silent. [people laughing] Totally dude.


Michelle: Yeah I know, I was looking down on the ground. Hint hint everyone (clears throat). Or you know I’m glad we got past the point in the early 2000s when we had the ringback tones. You know, I’m glad we moved on.


Michelle: We are about a month and a half out from the release of new album. Do you get, as it starts to get closer, do you get more nervous or excited about this stuff.


Fitz: I think we are really excited you know, it’s like you make a record. It’s a longer process for it to get out into the world. Also, this record we did something different. We’ve taken a longer sort of release, of just trying to release more individual songs, and then people still will get another 12 whole songs with the record. I think for us it’s not so much nervous, it’s just alright we want all these songs out there because we love these ones so much.Michelle: Yeah for sure.


Michelle: And having all those songs out there. You guys are doing a couple shows right? You’ve got this, you’ve got lolla, you’re touring up until then?


Fitz: Yeah, we’ve been doing a coheadline tour with Young the Giant for the last six weeks. [Cheers] Actually, after tonight we fly to Seattle to do the last remaining three weeks along the west coast of the US with those guys. It’s been a great summer tour for us. It’s been hot because its all outdoor. Texas, South Carolina, the Midwest, Florida. I tell you; we’ve been burning a lot of calories. We have caboshed and eat whatever the hell we want.


Michelle: Right. I mean I know that some of you guys are big on running. Do you still even bother when it’s 100 degrees outside?


Fitz: Well that’s John our drummer, who’s an ultra-marathoner. He’s a crazy mo-fo. He runs no matter what, like 15-20 miles day. Then we go rock climbing.


Jeremy: And then he climbs for three hours.


Fitz: And then he plays the show. He’s a nut.


Michelle: That’s insane.


Final words from Fitz:
Thank you so much everybody for coming and hanging out on a boat from 1970. Didn’t know that this was going to be in my future, and then it was. This is what is truly incredible about what we do. Our days change every day, it’s a different city. And all of a sudden, we’re here hanging out with you guys. And you’re like three feet away from me, which is honestly my favorite show because I can see everyone’s faces. And we’re on a boat, in Milwaukee! [Cheering] Its’ crazy! Alright we’ve got one more for you. Thank you so much everyone for hanging out with us, we really appreciate it.


— Nadia Hazimeh