Hi. I'm Michelle.

In 2006, I packed all my crap, including a giant, human-sized Kermit the Frog, into my tiny car, and made the 90 mile drive from my hometown of Chicago to FM102/1 here in Milwaukee.  And I've been having a ridiculous amount of fun ever since.

Seeing as how we've become prettttty good friends after all these years, it's probably time to get a few things straight:

I don't eat meat. This doesn't mean I don't appreciate the cultural importance of bacon.

I didn't know what a Spotted Cow was when I moved here.  I have since learned the error of my ways and I spend most weekends making up for precious lost time.

I can't hula hoop. Or do a cartwheel. Or basically anything that makes you popular in grade school.

I still tie my shoes with bunny ears. I have no intention of changing this.

I speak French. I also know how to polka. There have been very few occasions in my life where I've been able to do both. Booze may have been involved.

I love dogs so much. I am allergic to dogs so much. I curse the universe because of this.

In addition to filling your weekdays from 10a-2p with doom and destruction, I'm also the music director here at FM102/1. Got a band/song you love?

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